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Why I Eat Vegan and Organic

Knowing where your food comes from is a very important thing to consumers these days. Considering all the hype over Monsanto and non-labelled GMO’s, people are realizing that this is a big problem. People do not want mystery food, or unknown ingredients – they want natural, organic produce that they can trust and rely on. […]
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Chipotle Walnut Mushroom and Rice Burgers

These burgers are perfect for summer barbecues or get-togethers. I love serving them on a crusty bun with lettuce, tomato and pickles. Food processor 5                   cups water   1.25 L 2 cups          short-grain brown rice, rinsed and drained     500 mL 1⁄4 cup         nutritional yeast (see Tips)      60 mL 1⁄2 tsp          fine sea […]
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Organic on a Budget

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Seven Easy Ways to Eat Organic and Save Last year Organic Week asked two Canadian nutritionists for some simple yet effective tips to eating organic on a budget: 1. Meal Plan Before you shop, meal plan. “The average houshold wastes 14 per cent of their food because they don’t use it before it goes bad, […]
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