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I can almost hear the sound of the school bell now. Yep – it’s that time of year again! Back to school can be a very exciting time: friends, new books, fall leaves, there’s plenty to get excited about this time of year. For many of us “big kids” the back-to-school season can be very draining from pick-ups, to drop-offs, to getting dinner on the table. There are only so many pumpkin spice lattés a person can drink to keep such strains at bay before the barristas start ringing your order through before you reach the counter. The thought of stepping foot into a grocery store might have you quaking in your boots – let alone the worry of getting nutritious and organic foods into the cart and onto the table. Have no fear, humble reader, for with the help of our Easy-Peasy-Back-to-School-Recipe-Guide you will be in and out of the supermarket and whipping up meals your family will love so much they’ll be passing it down for generations to come.

Try these delicious organic juices for a sweet treat and healthy kick!
Untitled Infographic (1)





Freezer Banana Pops are as tasty as they sound and so easy and fun!
Untitled Infographic (2)





Make your own organic granola for a healthy snack!
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Let us know how you like them!

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