• The Canada Organic Trade Association promotes and protects the organic sector and encourages the universal adoption of organic. Through our leadership and collaboration, COTA provides a strong voice for organic in Canada. COTA’s vision is to promote and protect thriving, resilient communities and ecosystems that are rooted in organic’s holistic principles and practices. With farming as the foundation of organic, COTA acts a cultivator, connector and advocate for organic in Canada and abroad.

  • Canadian Organic Growers (COG) is Canada’s national organic farmer and consumer association. COG offers training and resources to raise awareness about organics and assist farmers and gardeners in adopting sustainable and commercially viable, organic production methods.


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  • Organic BC is growing the organic movement in British Columbia from the ground up. Their grassroots network of organic certifiers, farmers, processors and consumers is working to build healthy soil, ecosystems, people and communities. They’re raising the standards for organic agriculture and transforming agriculture’s impact on the planet.

  • QuébecBio est la filiale communication de la Filière biologique du Québec, un organisme à but non lucratif qui travaille depuis plus de 15 ans au développement du secteur biologique québécois.

    Les travaux liés à la réglementation et la révision des normes biologiques ont contribué à consolider les garanties du bio et ceux sur la valorisation du secteur à élargir l’accès aux produits bio d’ici.

    QuébecBio agit comme média spécialisé en alimentation biologique et supervise les activités de la campagne Le bio d’ici, on a raison d’en parler!

  • Organic Alberta represents and supports Alberta’s entire organic industry. Our vision is a strong, sustainable, and united organic community in Alberta.

  • SaskOrganics is a farmer led membership non-profit organization.  They serve all certified organic entities throughout the value chain in Saskatchewan by advocating for a sustainable and thriving organic Community through leadership in research, market development and communications.

  • The Manitoba Organic Alliance connects the partners in the organic sector and represents the organic value chain in Manitoba. Our vision is to foster healthy viable farms and to work for a diversified organic production system in Manitoba that provides for local food security, enhanced export opportunities and sustainable economic development. Our members come from all facets of the organic movement in Manitoba and include grain, forage and oilseed production; livestock, poultry and dairy farming; horticulture; processing; organic certification and inspection; restaurant and food services; education; research; retail, and trade and export.

  • Since 2000, ACORN has been the key organization for information on organic agriculture, eating organics, and connecting all the parts together in Atlantic Canada. The membership-based non-profit seeks to enhance the organic sector by coordinating education and networking opportunities for producers through to consumers. Learn more at www.acornorganic.org.

  • Growers of Organic Food Yukon (GoOFY), a Yukon association, promotes organic practices and provides support, education, and advocacy about organic growing and processing.

  • The Organic Council of Ontario (OCO) is the Voice of Organics in Ontario. OCO was founded by the organic sector to serve the Ontario organic business and farming community. A non-profit association, OCO is working to shift Ontario towards more sustaining and organic agriculture through advocacy, market development, research & training, and by educating government policy makers and the public on the full value of organic agriculture. Learn more about our current initiatives, including the “Ontario Organic Roadshow” at www.organiccouncil.ca and keep up with us on Facebook at OrganicCouncilofOntario and Twitter @orgcouncil.

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