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Nature’s Path is a proudly Canadian, family-owned company, producing Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified breakfast and snack foods sold in grocery and natural food stores in over 50 countries around the world. Committed to the triple bottom line— socially responsible, environmentally sustainable and financially viable, Nature’s Path works diligently to support communities and champion the cause of people and planet for over thirty years.

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PC Organic Enjoy our easy and affordable organic products full of the flavour nature intended. All of our PC®Organics products are Third Party certified and continue to meet Canada’s organic standards, which emphasize sustainability and a natural approach to weed and pest control.



Clif Bar Clif Bar & Company is a leading maker of nutritious and organic foods, including the all-new CLIF Nut Butter Filled, the classic CLIF Bar energy bar, CLIF Kid Zbar and CLIF Builder’s protein Bar.Focused on organic sports nutrition and snacks for adventure, the family and employee-owned company is committed to sustaining its people, brands, business, community and planet. For more information on Clif Bar & Company, please visit, check out our Facebook page at and follow us on Instagran and Twitter @clifbar.


UNFI Canada is Canada’s largest distributor of Organic, Natural, Kosher, Specialty, and Ethnic foods, providing coast to coast service for major chains and independent retailers across the country. UNFI Canada is a proud partner of Organic Week, supporting organic and sustainable agriculture in Canada.


Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods, we are passionate and purposeful in our pursuit of better nutrition. We’re obsessive about bringing the freshest, highest quality hemp seeds from field to table. We harvest the power of hemp through products like Hemp Hearts, hemp snacks and hemp protein powders.


The Leading Knowledge Experts in Natural Health and Wellness. For more than 40 years, the Alive Publishing has been Canada’s recognized leader in health and wellness. Today, the APG brand is synonymous with natural health and wellness, editorial integrity, and the empowerment of those we touch to make healthy, natural, and sustainable lifestyle choices


At Yorkshire Valley Farms, we are committed to bringing you a range of poultry products that are both good for you and kind to the environment. Our animals are raised on family-run farms following the highest organic standards. Here, our birds enjoy a wholesome diet made up of a proprietary mix of non-GMO, pesticide- and herbicide-free grains, with no animal by-products added. The animals are not treated with antibiotics, and like all poultry in Canada, they are raised without the use of hormones. They also have seasonal access to outdoor pastureland that is organically managed. By taking the best of what nature gives us, we provide you with wholesome, delicious chicken and turkey that we can all feel good about, for our families and the world we live in. Enjoy!


At Annie’s, we cultivate a healthier, happier world by spreading goodness through nourishing foods, honest words and conduct that is considerate and forever kind to the planet. Annie’s is real, authentic, and trusted by consumers.  As a company we strive to build upon this legacy with every decision we make. Annie’s only makes products that taste great; they delight our consumers. Annie’s uses only simple natural and organic ingredients, no icky additives or pesky preservatives. Annie’s sources only from places and people we trust, with high emphasis on quality, as well as agricultural and environmental sustainability.  We believe in transparency. Annie’s is a socially responsible company, and through our actions and programs we spread awareness and act as a positive role model for consumers and other business to do the same. Annie’s and its valued employees treat consumers, customers, suppliers, shareholders, and each other, with the same high degree of  respect, fairness, & honesty that we expect of others.



Learn to Change Lives™ at Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, 14 provincially-regulated classroom locations coast-to-coast plus Online Distance Education. Our practical foundation Natural Nutrition Diploma Program provides the fundamental tools needed for a lasting career in holistic nutrition, while advocating a natural, healthy lifestyle. Discover more at


DuBreton,  is the first producer and processor of organic and natural pork in North America. The company has been the first pork producer to proudly use the Certified Humane Raised and Handled® logo on its products since 2003 to reflect its concern about animal welfare through all stages of animals’ lives. Its mission is to help improve people’s quality of life through the excellence of its agri-food products. For more information on duBreton, visit our website at

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Field Farms Marketing Ltd. Field Farms Marketing Ltd. Is a global agricultural commodities trading house specializing in organic, non-GMO and specialty commodities.  We strive to establish long-term relationships with both producers and buyers.  Let’s make a difference together- for every 500 MT of organic soybean meal purchased, we donate 10 MT of organic soybean oil, in the purchaser’s name, to the Canadian Food for Children, a registered charity with the Canadian government.



Pro–Cert Organic Systems Ltd. is a 100% Canadian family owned and operated third party certification body celebrating more than 25 years of service as Canada’s foremost organic certifier. Our program offers certification for processors, producers, handlers and traders and we are adding new certification programs to better serve both our current and future clients.

Ethical Bean Coffee is a leading Canadian supplier of 100% Fairtrade Certified, Organic coffee. Whether through programs that respect the earth and its farmers or by leaving a minimal environmental footprint, Ethical Bean is constantly seeking new ways to do the right thing. Each bag of coffee is equipped with a unique QR code allowing coffee lovers to trace their beans from crop to cup. With eight distinct roasts, Ethical Bean Coffee offers a variety of whole bean, ground, compostable single-serve pods and food service offerings.

Organic Meadow is one of Canada’s original organic pioneers and one of the nation’s leading organic dairy brands. Organic Meadow is proud to offer Canadians a complete line of organic, minimally-processed, dairy products including organic milk, cheese, butter, cream, yogurt and ice cream – proudly sold in retail stores across the country. For more information, visit

Wholesome and Surf Sweetsbelieve in creating the best-tasting products with real and clean ingredients. Wholesome is the nation’s leader in Fair Trade and Organic sugars, syrups, stevia and honeys and has been committed to organics and staying on the cutting edge of eco-friendly agriculture since its founding in 2001. Wholesome! has been dedicated to Fair Trade since 2005, paying more than $12 million in Fair Trade premiums to farming co-operatives and partners worldwide. Through these efforts, clean water, electricity, schools and health care have been brought to villages in Malawi, Mexico, Brazil and Paraguay. Surf Sweets sells chewy candy with organic ingredients that are free of the top 10 most common allergens. The company specializes in creating products with clean ingredients. Surf Sweets is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, donating a minimum of 1% of the sales from products to a number of environmental organizations.


QAI (Quality Assurance International) is one of the leading organic certification providers in North America. Our mark can be found on thousands of products! We’re committed to increasing accessibility to organic products by empowering businesses with professional, reliable organic certifications to US, Canadian, Quebec and EU standards. Learn more at

Organic Garage is a grocery store (in Toronto, Oakville and Thornhill) with a healthy conscience, selling the best quality organic, all natural, gluten free, raw and vegan products at everyday affordable prices so you can enjoy healthier food for less! Follow Organic Garage on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

For over 20 years, Ecocert Canada has been acting as a certification body for sustainable development. As a global leader in organic certification, we provide a wide range of services including the inspection and certification of products as well as the approval of inputs for organic farming. We are glad to collaborate with Organic Week to raise awareness about sustainable practices for the good of future generations!

The Big Carrot Our vision is to provide the communities we serve quality, sustainable food and exceptional customer experiences through an inclusive environment that promotes among staff and customer trust, integrity and awareness of healthy food and lifestyle choices. We are committed to supporting the production of organic, non-GMO and local food.


The Homemade Organics Company is a proudly Canadian family company and an industry leader that specializes in handcrafting a signature brand of safe and healthy, certified organic, vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, eco-friendly, luxury personal care and home cleaning products for the whole family, that are always made with love in Canada, using only the highest quality certified organic ingredients.

Mike and Mike’s is the only non-grower distributor of exclusively fresh certified organic fresh produce in Ontario. We offer over 300 certified organic produce items each week, markets its own brand of packaged fresh certified organic produce, and offers a line of packaged organic nut and dried fruit snacks.

Fruit D’Or: Here, we don’t rush nature. We let our berries take their time. Since the very beginning, we’ve practiced an organic agriculture, with neither fertilizers nor chemical pesticides. We remove all weeds by hand, and we do not ask more of nature than what it already provides. You can taste the result : cranberries that are larger, softer, better tasting, and of better quality berries.

Pacific Organic Seafood Association members work together to improve organic aquaculture and share best practices for the producing, harvesting, processing, marketing, and selling of organic seafood products. POSA started 16 years ago and is proud to have helped develop Canada’s organic aquaculture standard. POSA members include certified organic feed companies and various seafood producers.

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Fromagerie L’Ancêtre inc. In 1992, a group of 10 dairy farmers had their own ideas about how to work the land. Their determination to return to traditional farming methods based on the ways of their ancestors with consideration for the environment formed the foundation for L’Ancêtre. They believed that through these farming practices, they would be able to offer the best quality milk (100% pure milk) that would result in genuine, wholesome and traditional flavour for their cheese and butter. That’s how L’Ancêtre Cheese Factory began.
Our cheesemakers live by a simple and time honoured philosophy: Offer the best tasting and finest quality organic cheese and butter available, while respecting Mother Nature. You can truly savour the authentic flavour and enjoy the nutritional benefits in every bite. It is this passion, inspired by a love of traditional agriculture, that has made L’Ancêtre Cheese Factory products so popular throughout Canada.

Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds supplies high quality organic seed for growing sprouts and microgreens. Enjoy fresh sprouts and greens at home in as little as 3-7 days. Soak, Rinse, and Watch Them Grow!

Lantic Inc is the largest manufacturer of sugars and sweeteners in Canada. We are proud to support organic and fair trade, and have a range of sugars and sweeteners including coconut, organic sugar, fairtrade and organic sugar envelops that meet your needs.

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McCormick Gourmet We travel the globe in search of only the very best ingredients to help bring a world of flavour to your table. Whether you’re using our herbs or spices, our premium lineup is eager to make all of your recipes shine.

McCormick Club House No matter how we chop, what we stir, or who we’re sharing with, Club House herbs, spices, and seasonings are at the heart of the homemade flavour that brings people together. That’s why Club House is Canada’s favourite seasoning.

McCormick Billy Bees Life is always better when it’s sweeter! Whether it’s our creamed or liquid honey, we’re here to help make your day-to-day a little more delicious. Organic honey available in light tasting, 100% Canadian No. 1 White or rich Brazilian Amber honey.

Left Coast Naturals is an organic food manufacturer and distributor based in Burnaby BC, distrusting nearly 30 brands, 200 bulk foods and two in-house brands – Hippie Foods and Left Coast Bulk Foods. It is the first distributor in North America with an official Non-GMO Policy.

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