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During this year’s Organic Week, we are urging everyone to Think Before You Eat – in fact, we’re launching a bold Think campaign that will carry this message all year round.   It’s a call to action for consumers, farmers, food manufacturers, retailers, chefs, communities—everyone and anyone who deals with food.  And who doesn’t want to ‘think’, especially when it gets you to a better place?

Created by the Canadian organic sector, with input from consumers, the Think campaign is part of a national brand strategy designed to differentiate Canadian organic products from imports and products with competing claims such as ‘natural’.  The overall goal of the strategy is to create a sense of inclusiveness, unity, pride and support for the Canadian organic sector, and to address the issue of ‘consumer confusion’.

Let’s face it: we’re constantly bombarded with confusing labels, claims, and product choices in retail stores and markets, in the media, and from well-meaning friends.  How can we not be confused? The Think Before You Eat campaign, which features an octagonal green plate—a GO sign, as opposed to a red stop sign—encourages you to cut through the ‘noise’ and ask questions about the food you eat.


So Why eat Canadian Organic food?  First off, it’s produced by Canadians for Canadians. Farming is a tough business, where elements beyond your control can take you down. Farmers deal with climate, pests, disease, and do their best to protect their farms and livelihood, while feeding a hungry planet. Canadian farmers concerned about the health and sustainability of their soil, plants, animals and their environment, are increasingly embracing science-based organic principles and are converting their farms to organic production.

Organic agriculture is more about building the soil, growing healthy plants, animals and communities, and less about what it doesn’t do. Sure, certified organic farmers are not allowed to use toxic persistent agri-chemicals and  GMOs, which is important, but they are also innovators and progressive thinkers, always seeking better ways to produce healthy, truly sustainable food.

Certified organic Canadian farmers are third-party verified and produce food according to strict government-regulated organic standards. Organic certification and the use of the Canada Organic logo are consumers’ guarantees that the products they are purchasing and consuming meet Canada’s organic standards.  There are no such standards for foods labelled ‘natural’ or ‘local’—it’s “buyer beware”.

Support Canadian organic farmers who are committed to providing the best food possible for Canadians. Enjoy delicious, nutritious Canadian organic food that is certified—the real meal deal!

Think Before You Eat—Think Canada Organic!

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